Sugarcane Super Powers

Added on Apr 16, 2018

Sugarcane’s are several tall green grasses, mainly used to produce sugar.
The history of sugarcane in Egypt started after Arabs introduced the cultivation in 641 AD. The medieval Islamic world was also developing new production methods originally learned from Indians leaded to the beginning of the sugar industry in Egypt at 710 AD.
Currently, there are several factories and refineries in Egypt for the sugar cane products, it’s a main source of sugar and sole source of molasses and a raw material for plywood and paper pulp industries.
Most of these factories are in upper Egypt governorates located beside the crop fields diffused in this area.
Egyptians calls sugar cane “Asab” as it is pronounced in Arabic, Egyptians like Asab cause of the sweet taste and thirst quencher especially in long summer days.
Its easy to find a sugar cane juice shop mostly and oddly working 24/7 where you can have a fast juiced sticks fresh to your cup.
Price for one cup starts from two pounds up to ten pounds, this one for many people the national drink with so many health benefits you can have after a “koshary” or “falafel” meal.
Its popular as well to find Egyptian kids drinking this lovely juice in a small plastic with a stroke.
Egyptians believe that sugar cane juice has a lot of health benefits as it’s promoted as a cheap source power booster.
In fact there are a lot of health benefits related to this juice as the Egyptians believe; it has proven effect of controlling high blood pressure and the release of the happiness hormone serotonin which fights depression and anxiety.
Also, sugarcane helps digestion through potassium, it is full of natural antioxidants that helps fight infections and helps the immune system, also research proved that it prevents kidney stones.
Sugarcane cures soar throats, prevents tooth decay and supports liver functions.
So would you like a cup of sugarcane?